Kioicho Strategy Institute, Inc. was established in April 2017. Our consultants have contributed to the development of a legal framework and environment for creating fair and equitable rules for nearly 20 years since the dawn of the Internet. In addition, they have been supporting economical grows for local areas. We aim to contribute growth of new industries and venture firms, and ultimately to the welfare of Japan and the earth.

It is important to provide "one-stop" consulting services for clients, having a wide range of knowledges and experiences on such as business, policy, public relations and risk management and so on. It also important to have superior networks with government, law makers, academia and industries. Kioicho Strategy Institute is a company which has all of such abilities and networks in Japan.


We provide consulting services primarily in the following areas to venture firms aiming to create new industries and a new society as well as to venture capital supporting such firms.

  • ガバメント・アフェアーズ(ロビイング・官公庁折衝)Government Affairs(lobbying, strategic communications with public sectors)
  • 経営基盤戦略(ガバナンス・コンプライアンス)Strategic Business Management (Governance & Compliance)
  • リスク・マネジメント(危機対応・セキュリティ分析)Risk & Crisis Management (prevention and control of crisis, security analysis)
  • メディア・リレーションズ(広報・CSR戦略)Media Relations (PR and CSR strategies)


顧客の経営戦略や政策の実現、世論醸成に役立つよう、政治・経済・業界に関する各種調査レポートを提供します。We provide research reports on politics, economy, and the industry that would contribute to the accomplishment of clients’ management strategies and policies, and to the forming of public opinion.

  • 政策課題・効果の調査分析政策課題・効果の調査分析
  • 経済概況経済概況
  • 業界関連最新情報業界関連最新情報
  • 報道トピックス報道トピックス
  • 人事・組織動向人事・組織動向
  • 特定事象に関する調査特定事象に関する調査

政策立案・提言 Policy-making and proposals

紀尾井町戦略研究室独自の研究・政策立案活動を通し、新しい社会の仕組みを提言していきますThrough Kioicho Strategy Institute’s unique research and policy-making activities, we will make proposals for new social systems

コンサルティング業務の詳細 Consulting

ガバメント・アフェアーズGovernment Affairs

ロビイング・官公庁折衝Lobbying・Strategic communications with public sectors

  • 政治・業界動向モニタリングMonitoring political and industry trends
  • ステークホルダー・マッピングおよび協働体制の構築Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • 審議会、諮問委員会等への働きかけApproaches to public councils and advisory committees
  • 議員の意識啓発Awareness-raising of legislators
  • 勉強会・研究会の発足 他Establishment of politicians' study groups

経営基盤戦略Strategic Business Management

ガバナンス・コンプライアンスGovernance・Corporate governance and compliance

  • 経済・業界動向モニタリングMonitoring of economic and industry trends
  • 市場の調査・分析Conducting market research and analysis
  • ガバナンス強化、サービス・コンプライアンス体制向上Developing and improving internal control governance and compliance
  • 日本市場への参入支援Assisting entry into the Japanese market
  • 業界・社内コミュニケーションの改善 他Providing effective education and training of in-house communications

リスク・マネジメントRisk & Crisis Management

危機対応セキュリティ分析Prevention and control of crisis・Security analysis

  • リスク・課題分析Risk/issue analysis
  • 危機管理体制構築Establishment of a crisis management system
  • セキュリティ分析・向上Security analysis and improvement
  • クライシス・マネジメントCreating crisis response strategies
  • リスクコントロールRisk control
  • 研修実施 他Providing education and training

メディア・リレーションズMedia Relations

広報・CSR戦略PR and CSR strategies

  • 報道モニタリングMonitoring of press reports
  • オピニオン調査Opinion surveys
  • メディア露出、広報戦略策定Media exposure and PR strategies
  • シンポジウム・セミナー開催Symposiums and seminars
  • 戦略的フィランソロピー計画Strategic philanthropy plans
  • 社会貢献におけるICT活用 他ICT utilization in social contribution