Creating a New Standard with Entrepreneurs and Venture Companies


Technology innovations and industrial reforms, also referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, have been making progress in recent years.

例えば、スマートフォンアプリでCtoC取引や対象物の管理が容易になったことで実現した「シェアリングエコノミー」、ビッグデータ・AIを用いることで精度が増した「ダイナミックプライシング」…。これら新しい技術やツールを用いた経済活動は、今後さらに拡大していくと思われます。 そして、忘れてはならないのは、これらの変化がこの5年、10年の短い期間で急激に起きているということです。まさに技術や産業における「革命」と呼ぶにふさわしい状況になっています。
近年、起業家やベンチャー企業が、思わぬ形で落とし穴や壁にぶつかることも増えてきています。未来を創っていく挑戦者のみなさま、まずはお気軽にKSIにお声がけいただければ幸いです。(紀尾井町戦略研究所 代表取締役社長 妹尾正仁)

The sharing economy, which has been made possible by smartphones that facilitate C2C transactions and the management of the target objects, and dynamic pricing, which improved in precision through the use of big data and AI, are some examples. Economic activities that use such new technologies and tools are expected to expand further.
What we must not forget is that these changes have occurred over a short period of time, in the past five to ten years. This situation can indeed be referred to as a revolution in technology and industry.
While such a situation can be considered exciting times from the perspective of entrepreneurs and company managers that create new businesses in that new technologies and business ideas are born day after day, it also means that, in a mature society as Japan’s, innovative businesses must be developed while confronting existing laws and regulations as well as a wide range of risks.
By offering support in managing such risks and carrying out lobbying activities, Kioicho Strategy Institute (“KSI”) aims to disseminate the new technologies and business ideas more quickly and in a better form in order to establish them as the new standard.
KSI’s characteristics lie in the years of experience of its staff members, led by Executive Councillor Naoya Bessho, in risk management and lobbying from a position very close to the business or as a party involved in the business. The support provided by KSI based on expert knowledge takes into consideration the mindset of entrepreneurs and company managers, which is to lead the business to success.
In recent years, entrepreneurs and venture companies have increasingly been encountering pitfalls or barriers in unexpected ways. We would be more than happy to assist those who intend to take on the challenge of creating the future. Please feel free to contact us. (Masahito Seno, President & CEO, Kioicho Strategy Institute)


Kioicho Strategy Institute is not the only company that offers consulting services in risk management and lobbying.

まずは気兼ねなく相談にお越しください。相談を通じて私たちの姿勢や能力を感じていただけると思います。(紀尾井町戦略研究所 理事長 別所直哉)

What is the difference between KSI and the other companies? KSI’s characteristics are that we offer support required by our clients on a timely basis, based on our achievements at the companies we have been involved in.
KSI has the ability to provide comprehensive support, such as in developing a business model, how to use specialists such as lawyers, approaching administrative agencies and legislators, responding to accidents and incidents, public relations, and policy recommendations.
For example, in supporting risk management, we not only address the issue that has emerged but provide appropriate assistance with corporate governance and compliance in mind by determining the essence of the issue where risk has manifested in order to create a basis from which the entire business can grow further.
It is also our job in assisting the growth of companies to introduce business partners and specialists to our clients, if needed.
What makes these possible is the broad network we have established at Yahoo Japan and the expertise we have gained through our policy recommendation activities. The range of the areas we serve are unparalleled; in addition to the communications sector we also serve the intellectual property, environment, health, labor, welfare, tax system, crime prevention, and consumer protection sectors.
Please do not hesitate to consult us. I am sure you will understand our attitude and capabilities by consulting with us. (Naoya Bessho, Executive Councillor, Kioicho Strategy Institute)